Wordpress is an open-source software based on PHP and MySQL specializing in customizable design, effective SEO strategies, responsive mobile sites, accessibility, and efficient performance. It is one of the most popular software used to create custom websites, ranging from business sites to blogs. All of this is managed by a backend admin panel responsible for combining features of displaying pages on the website and applying technical foundations to create a quality working website that is easy to view and interact with.

Websites created with Wordpress can be installed with various themes that quick provides developers looks and functionalities of their website without changing its core content or base form. While developers can start a website from scratch, a theme helps them get started with a structure that is already constructed for them, which they can change or customize to their needs.

Plugins are another piece of software containing a series of PHP functions that can be added seamlessly to a Wordpress site. The vast amount of plugins available makes it quick and easy for a developer to add features to their site without needing to create one themselves. Installing and uninstalling plugins are fast too (provided it isn't integrated too deeply to the site), so removing one should be a short process without causing major ramifications to the site. However, there are a few multiple plugins with similar features. Some might better than others, and some that are more reliable than another, so choose wisely about which one you want to use for your site.

How we use it

Wordpress is one of our main software we use to create custom websites, along with the platforms Laravel and Shopify. We can either create a new website from Wordpress from scratch, or edit an existing site if the client wants us to. We do a mixture of using the admin panel to create pages/posts, optimize SEO, and install Plugins, and customizing/programming PHP templates in an IDE to design the frontend functionality of a website.

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