HTML (acronym for Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language that creates the structure and displays content on web pages and applications for the World Wide Web (WWW).  The language includes elements, tags, attributes, events, etc. The tags consist of an opening <> and must be closed at the end properly with </>. HTML5 is currently the fifth version and introduces new features to refine the design and structure of web pages and applications. Browsers that support this markup language include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.

HTML documents are structured as follows:

  • Documents start with declaring the code <!DOCTYPE html> at the beginning of the file to indicate what version HTML the page is written in
  • All of the markup language is written between <body> and </body>
  • <head> carries metadata about the document
  • <body> is where all of the elements, tags, attributes, events, etc. are displayed on the WWW

How we use it

We use HTML5 to display content on web pages, but we also combine it with the framework Laravel and the programming language PHP to make it dynamic. We provide the tags with standard classes and ids to stylize with CSS in a stylesheet, and also provide titles and alt tags for ones that have it for SEO.

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