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Anybody would want a web app that is always fast, responsive, and capable of cool features like working offline and push notifications. That's where Progressive Web App (PWA) comes into play, a web application that provides consistent, practical, always-up-to-date functionality (e.g. spreadsheet, calculator, etc.) where the user can access that instantly from their mobile device's home screen whether offline or online.  These are features that are available to native mobile applications, but with PWA, a web app or website can be given those same perks for the benefits of itself and other users.

PWA improves user experience in three ways. One, they are reliable;  using a service worker, the script that provides functionalities for your page to perform features available to native application, a PWA will control how caching will be handled, and how you can access the page offline should you have no internet. Two, they are fast; performance is everything. They provide first impressions for a first-time user accessing the site, affect your SEO ranking on Google, and is a major factor in user experience. With PWA, this will meet these performances by making the website or app progressive, responsive, and quick for users to access. Third, they are engaging; PWA live on the home screen and immerses the user into the app with the features of a native app.

At OC Web Kings, nothing is more important than making an app that is fast and responsive for everyone to use, not just to make it work.  As such, we take PWA into consideration during the development of a web app for our clients. This can work in conjunction with Ionic and Cordova to provide these features. Lofty expectations for an app from users will be met, and client's goals will be reached as their success.

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