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Strategies to Bring Exposure, Approaches to Generate Attention

Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about making practical use of strategies to bring exposure to a newly created web or app product. If you have ever heard the expression "putting the cart before the horse," in essence coming to us with an idea before it is validated through market research is essentially this. The last thing we want do is to build something great that nobody is using! Who your target audience is, what is the size of your market, or how will you execute the marketing plan for your app are all questions you should be asking yourself right now!

There are certain strategies you can do before we start development such as creating a signup landing page and marketing on Facebook to collect leads. You could release several landing pages to see which has the highest customer acquisition rate. There is also the fine-tuning of micro ad campaigns on your social media platforms to make sure you are really honed in on who your target audience is. This type of multivariate testing with landing pages and ad campaigns is an excellent strategy to improve the sales funnel.

With SEO, there are lots of places that claim they are great at it. The reality is that it does take some outside-the-box thinking, building legitimate content within web pages and doing things right. We follow best practices and will drive organic traffic the way google wants it to be done.

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