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PIIT28 is a workout session where you go through 28 days exercising your body through various cardio exercises on a daily basis. The acronym is Pilates Intense Interval Training, and you will spend 28 minutes and 40 seconds a day with this session. Created by Cassey Ho, founder of the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube known as "Blogilates", she is ready to coach you through those 28 days so you can achieve your goal of being physically fit and healthy. Furthermore, Cassey has also created "The 28 Day Reset", a meal plan book that informs you of unhealthy nutritions found in most meals and how to take measures to avoid them by providing 300+ healthy meal recipes. Prices will vary depending if you decide to buy PIIT28 only, or both the workout session and "The 28 Day Reset" as a bundle.

Cassey Ho partnered up with OC Web Kings to develop a mobile app version of PIIT28 called PIIT Pocket to bring her workout session on mobile devices. The app contains everything you would find in PIIT28, depending on what package you bought.

Using WebStorm as our IDE, we developed PIIT Pocket in the JavaScript framework Angular JS with the architecture as a Model-View-Controller (MVC). The components are dynamic and flexible, while making the app easy and functional to use. On the back end, NodeJS is installed for any server-side, asynchronous features, and event-driven APIs for quick response time for communication between client and server. All information is stored in Neo4j as the database for building relationships and graphs between users and their products. The resources and technology we used to create PIIT Pocket ensures that the app is fast, efficient, and responsive enough for users to have a smooth experience on mobile devices with their workout session.

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