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About OC Web Kings

OC Web Kings is an Orange County web and mobile app development company located in Newport Beach, CA. Comprised of a team of talented developers, creative UI/UX designers, and marketing planners, we specialize in custom design, lead capture pages, strategic content, and efficiency in technical applications.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality products that contribute to your vision and your goals for your future. We achieve this through the development process in three stages: design, develop, scale.

We help you strategize on what your most compelling features are since we would rather build a simple yet successful product than something expensive and over complicated. The success of your startup reflects on us!

Once fully operational, we also act as a strategic partner which provides marketing expertise, scaling, and quick user feedback iterations following lean methodology. We want to make sure you are taking all the right steps in your journey.

Let us turn your dream into reality today.


We begin our development by collaborating with our designers to digitally create page mockups for your custom website or mobile app. Each page is creative and artistic that matches the personality and tone of the product you envision.


Once our designers have completed the page mockups, our developers implement their artwork into the product using the software and technologies we utilize. From design to development, you're guaranteed a custom website or mobile app that is creative, distinctive, and fully functional.


User experience is an aspect we value greatly, so we approach this by scaling the product to make it responsive to every device and browser as part of our web design. We take measures to deliver an ambient and satisfying experience to every visitor in the world.




We build sites that are beautiful and functional, as well as entertaining and informational, such as the one you're looking at right now. This includes business websites, blogs, an e-commerce, landing pages, and lead capture pages.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We create mobile apps for you that will work on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone right out of the box. This includes apps for messaging with notifications, geolocation and mapping, data entry/analysis, and calculators.

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Web Apps

Web Apps

We have the ability to tackle the difficult programming challenge that web applications present. We can build enterprise solutions, social networks, API connections, geolocation search/auto detection, and real-time chat.

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Marketing and SEO

Marketing and SEO

Once you have a great website up and running, you'll want as many people to start using it as possible. We can get your website in tip top shape for Google, execute ad campaigns, and provide link building strategies to drive organic search traffic.

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SEO The Magic of SEO

The Magic of SEO

The truth is, there is no secret magic behind SEO, it is about making legitimate efforts so that Goo...

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Traction Examining Case Studies on Gaining Traction

Examining Case Studies on Gaining Traction

So often we see that once people build their apps they have this philosophy that if they build it pe...

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User Experience Developing the User Experience

Developing the User Experience

At some point there is only so much that can be done by market research and it is up to you or your...

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Market Research Obtaining Quality Results from Preliminary Market Research

Obtaining Quality Results from Preliminary Market Research

When should you start doing market research? The answer is now! You don’t need anything built, you d...

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Our Clients

OC Web Kings turned our website from archaic to a state-of-the-art masterpiece. We are confident they have built us the BEST site in the entire adoption community. They truly listen to your vision while applying their expertise in web development and design. I consider the team at OC Web Kings as artists in the most modern sense. They are always up to face any challenge, very communicative and patient, and are a complete pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to build or improve on a website who aims to be at the top of his/her industry.

Allan Gindi

Adoption Network

I feel fortunate and thankful to have collaborated with OC Web Kings to create my business website. Their technical knowledge and practical experience were critical to understand the messaging and create the content necessary for the brand, image and quality I was seeking. I have received great feedback from those who have either been directed to my site or who have found it thanks to OC Web Kings’ capabilities. On top of this, their pricing was very fair, they were responsive, and they were easy to work with. I have recommended OC Web Kings to others who have had a similar experience where OC Web Kings’ efforts have had a positive impact on their businesses.

Marc Kirshbaum


Setting out to create your own app can be a daunting task. I found Kevin and the staff at OC WEB KINGS to be very helpful in elevating those stressors by communicating the nuances of the technology field in a fashion that's palatable for the fledgling entrepreneur. They are knowledgable, flexible, and committed to customer satisfaction. I would recommend anyone looking to create a new app to seriously consider OC WEB KINGS for their app development needs.

Omar Nazel

Birds of a Feather

It is not easy these days to find reliable, high quality, and responsive mobile developers that are also relatively affordable. However, we strongly feel like we hit the jackpot. We were fortunate to be referred to OC WebKings by another one of their satisfied clients. It could not have come at a more critical time, since we were scrambling to find a new developer to finish our mobile platform. Kevin and Vishal took the time to make us feel at ease. They also clearly understood our vision and not only built the app to our specifications, but also exceeded those expectations by coming up with alternate solutions and features. Those new features not only made the app more amazing and efficient, but also saved us in overall operation costs that would have affected our profits over the long-term. We would highly recommend OC Web Kings!

Marynn Garabedian


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