Toggl is a time tracking application that lets you track time from a computer or smartphone. You write down the task on the timer on top of the webpage, hit the Start button, which counts down time passing in any browser and on any device until you hit the Stop button. Its role is to accurately track down how many hours you've work for on a job, a project, or a specific task that is billable so that you get paid properly without over- and under-calculating your payment and charge the client the fair amount of hours you've done.

Toggl has other features that lets you manage your hours and view your past histories. One feature is a dashboard that views all your hours from the current week, last week, month, etc. It sums up how many hours you've worked in total and displays all of the jobs or projects you've done. Another feature is a report that displays all of the tasks you've wrote from the timer. The purpose of this is to show your client what you've done and how long you've worked on so that they understand why they're being charged this amount.

Toggl not only manages your hours, but also the team and projects that have been worked on in the same workspace as yours. The Team page shows all of the employees working in the same space with you. There is a Projects page that displays all of the projects worked on, how many hours have been spent, and which team members have worked on it. The features in the workspace are handled by the admin, who can also view the users hours, and print reports to send to the client as an invoice.

How we use it

Toggl allows us to properly keep track of our hours so that we receive our payments accurately and the clients receive invoices fairly. We write down our tasks on the timer, click the Start button to start the time, work on our task for a specific web page or app, and stop the timer to calculate how long we worked on that task once we're finished. This not only lets clients know how much they're being charged for their project, but also what they've worked on in the description next to the hours. We also use it to keep track of how much budget we have spent on the project to prevent it from going over, so that the relationship between developer and client remains intact.

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