PhpStorm is an IDE for PHP from JetBrains. The IDE provides an editor for HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, and works with major frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Yii, etc. PhpStorm also supports relational databases and SQL to use for your project.

There are a couple features in PhpStorm to make web development easily manageable. On the navigation bar, there is a link where you can create a new project from a set of existing files by rooting the main directory. You can refactor a directory, file and image by renaming moving, copying, or deleting it. If you rename a file or image, you will be notified of the code in your files that is using it and will give you an option to rename the code with the file or image you've renamed.

PhpStorm supports Version Control and Git by simplifying merging with other branches. The IDE has a push and pull button that represents Git's commands on the navigation bar. It also simplifies merging with other branches. If there is a conflict with merging other branches, conflicted files will be displayed and specifically in the line of code that's happening, something that Git Shells lacks, making it easy for the developer to resolve the conflict. Remote server configuration is also featured and supported through FTP, SFTP, or FTPS which allows for accessing the server via these protocols. This makes uploading files from the local environment to the live server at ease.

How we use it

PhpStorm is our main IDE for website and web app development for Laravel and PHP files; it helps us manage our directories of the projects thanks to its user-friendly interface. We can upload our files live thanks to the IDE's option to deploy the files live by implementing the FTP code in the Settings. We utilize Git easily with PhpStorm's implications of the Version Control and push the code onto a branch for other users to pull from. Conflicts are easy to solve when the files display the line of code that's happening from.

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