PHP (acronym for PHP: Hypertext PreProcessor) is an open source scripting language used for web development. PHP code is embedded in HTML documents, enclosed with its own section starting with <?php and ending with ?>. PHP is capable of doing things that HTML can't, such as interacting with files on the server, collect form data, send and receive cookies, modify data in the database, control user-access, and even encrypt data, which you can output using HTML without showing what happened in the back-end.

Like JavaScript, PHP can make web pages dynamic, but the difference is that while JavaScript is a cilent-side scripting language, while PHP is server-side. This means that PHP is capable of executing code on the server, generating HTML and sent to the client. PHP code executed and sent back to the client is then displayed on the web page, but not showing what the PHP code did. Because of this you can configure your web server to make all your HTML documents made by PHP.

The best thing about PHP is that it is easy to learn, yet contains advanced features for the expert developer to utilize when needing to create a complex site. Beginners can start with use simple features in PHP to create a simple HTML web page, and experts can use advanced features to create advanced and complex web pages.

How we use it

PHP is our main scripting language to develop dynamic and interactive web pages, collect form data, and modify data in the database. Since we use Laravel, a PHP framework, to create websites, all of our files are PHP to utilize the framework's tools and resources. Both the back-end and front-end functions of all websites are done in PHP language. Instead of using <?php to embed PHP code in HTML language, we use the Laravel's blade template's {{ }}.

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