Neo4j is a native graph database management system (GDBMS), using the Property Graph Model. This means it not only stores data, but also processing graphs and building relationships. How Neo4j differs from relational database management system (RDBMS) is that it focuses more on the interconnecting relationships between data called nodes.

The query language that Neo4j uses is called Cypher, rather than SQL. What makes Cypher different from SQL is that it allows for more expressive and efficient queries to fetch, insert, update, and build relationships with a property graph without telling us how to do it. The nodes in the the language are surrounded by parenthesis (( )). To build relationships with other nodes, Cypher uses an arrow (-[:]->) to connect them. Node and relationship expressions create patterns in Neo4j. Patterns are either written continuously or separated with commas. The query languages MATCH and CREATE utilize patterns to create results.. There are 4 of them: friend-of-a-friend, shortest path, collaborative filtering, and tree navigation.

Utilizing Neo4j and Cypher query language allows for deeper and faster traversals through nodes and relationship than RDBMS. As a result, data storage in graphs becomes faster in processing for data relationships, and graph processing guarantees strong, real-time performance with the queries, regardless of how deep the relationship is. This kind of querying ensures that the application runs smoothly and without latency when needing to communicate with the server to fetch data.

How we use it

Neo4j is our main GDBMS for mobile application development. Like MySQL, we perform a variety of query calls to fetch, insert, and delete data in the back-end, but with building relationships, it allows for a more interconnected structure of data within mobile apps.

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