MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Oracle Corporation, and one of the best RDBMS for developing web pages and applications. What makes MySQL popular is that it's fast and accessible to use for standard SQL language, as well as working with many languages, such as PHP, C, C++, Java, etc. Because of this, big web pages like Facebook and Twitter use MySQL for their website. The system is free to use and capable of compiling on different platforms, so any developer can get started with learning and using SQL language with MySQL.

Before accessing data in the MySQL database, it's required to connect to the server. To create a connection, a server name, username, and password from the database is needed. Once connected, you can access/manipulate/insert data into a database table with the tools MySQL provides at your own disposal. Once finished, close the connection when executing the application ends. This kind of process helps to clean up memory and prevent concurrent connections.

Since MySQL uses the standard SQL, it uses much of its standard languages. This includes using SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and LIMIT queries, so there's no need to learn different syntax in this database system.

The table size limit in MySQL varies depending on the file size of the operating system you're running on, though the maximum size of a row in a table is 65,535 bytes. For Window users, it's recommended to use NTFS instead of FAT because FAT is not capable for production use.

How we use it

MySQL is our main RDBMS to store and fetch data for websites. Whenever we need to interact with SQL data for web pages, we use Laravel's Eloquent ORM implementation to perform a variety of queries to do so. This includes storing, editing, and deleting data in the administration panels for websites, where we use SQL queries to perform these actions in a basic manner called CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) for persistent storage. We also store form data from websites, such as E-commerce purchases, leads from clients, etc. It can maintain up to hundreds of thousands of data in a database, and helps us keep track of what data has been stored for a website.

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