jQuery is a cross-platform library for the JavaScript programming language. It allows us to use pre-written JavaScript to create interactive effects for our web page. This library provides a simple interface for JavaScript, and gives you better immediate visual results than what the client-side language offers. The jQuery library consists of the following features: HTML/DOM and CSS manipulation, HTML event methods, effects and animations, and AJAX.

jQuery is written in a JavaScript (.js) file and commonly within the document ready function $(document).ready(function(){}); The "document" in the function indicates that jQuery is going to work their magic on the HTML document itself. The "ready" part executes all of the jQuery events in the function when the page loads up. Within the function, you can use many features in the jQuery library that you can use at your own disposal to trigger events and update the app.

AJAX is a web development programming technique that changes the web application from the back-end without reloading it, making the application asynchronous. AJAX helps web apps use jQuery to communicate with the server, then send the request back to the client to update the web app in real-time. This technique improves user experience and productivity by eliminating the need to reload the entire web app every time the user needs to update it, cutting down time in the user's productivity and preventing disruption of the workflow. AJAX with JavaScript alone makes it hard to use this technique, because AJAX works differently on different browsers, but jQuery simplifies this method with its library.

How we use it

jQuery is our main cross-platform library for JavaScript to create interactions with the user on the web pages. jQuery provides us a lot of tools and resources to simplify JavaScript and make the user's interaction with the website as friendly as possible. AJAX is one of our primary programming techniques when we need to update the web page in real time, which we use to send form data in real time and return results to display the content on the web page. It's a great and user-friendly library for beginners needing to use JavaScript as well as learn the client-side language.

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