Apple is an American multinational technology company founded by Steve Jobs. It sells consumer electronics, computer software, and has their own operating system. Their operating system macOS and UNIX, as well as the smartphones that use it focuses on hierarchal navigation, which means navigation between forward and backward pages, as desired. It follows a hierarchy that allows users to retrace their steps. What makes it better than its rival Android is that it has better security, so it suffers less attacks than Windows-based PCs. Apple is available on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

macOS (previously known as Mac OS X) is Apple's operating system designed to run on Macintosh computers. What makes macOS better than Microsoft's Windows is that it provides a better UX with users thanks to its clean, user interface. It also provides better user interaction by making some of the computers a touchscreen, allowing for more precise interactions with the screen to improve user productivity. These advantages give macOS an edge in competition with Windows by providing better user experience.

Mobile app development for Apple is not hard nor easy. One of the programming languages for Android development is Swift, but you can also learn any C language (C, C#, Objective-C, C++) to ease the learning curve for Apple development. If you have basic programming language, there are tutorials online to help you create an Apple app. Unfortunately, developing an Apple app is closed-sourced, meaning developers will have to create app whose source code is not published.

How we use it

macOS is the operating system we use to develop mobile apps as making changes and running the app with the tools we have performs much faster and more efficient than on Microsoft Windows. We also like to develop apps for cross-platforms, so we also use an iPhone to test the app for Apple users.

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