AngularJS is a structural front-end JavaScript framework for dynamic web apps, with the core goal being to simplify development by writing clear and simple, yet flexible code within the components of the application while still making the app functional and ready to use. It does this by utilizing HTML as a template to extend the language's syntax with data binding and JSON resources to make the web app dynamically structured.

This framework works by embedding the HTML page in order to bind any inputs or outputs represented by JavaScript. Once bind, the JavaScript values can be manually set by the code, which will make the app dynamic for the developer to modify, and create objects to provide functionalities for the app to utilize.

AngularJS also supports the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern through JavaScript and HTML, with the view being HTML and and the model and controller being JavaScript. Unlike other frameworks where you have to split your app into MVC components and then write code to connect them together, AngularJS will connect them for you by managing the components and act as a pipeline for them. Thanks to its support for MVC, AngularJS is able to cut down development time by eliminating the task to structure the app together and allow developers to focus on its core functionality.

How we use it

AngularJS is one of our frameworks to develop mobile apps on both the back-end and the front-end. We implement the MVC architecture through the use of models, controllers, modules, directives, filters, and expressions.. The projects we create consists of two directories: a server and a client. The server side interacts with Neo4j to fetch/store/update/delete data using models and controllers, while the client side focuses on displaying content on the web pages using modules, directives, filters, and expressions.

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