Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, with the user interface built around touchscreens, or rather direct manipulation such as swiping, taping, and pinching to manipulate the on-screen objects. This operating system and on the smartphones that use it focuses on temporal navigation, which means navigation between historical screens where the back button provided on the phone takes them back to the previous screen regardless of state. It hides keyboards, dialog popups, highlighted items and contextual action bars. What makes it better than its rival Apple is that it is highly customizable, features easier transferring, and is open-sourced. Manufacturers of Android include Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, and Sony.

Mobile app development for Android is not hard nor easy. As mentioned earlier, Android is open-sourced, which gives the developer the right to modify and distribute the software for their own purpose. It provides Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing applications. One of the programming languages for Android development is Java, which is a good language for developers to ease the learning curve for Android development. If you have basic programming language, there are tutorials online to help you create an Android app.

How we use it

We prefer to make the mobile applications cross-platform, so we use an Android phone to test it for Android users. Android also has their own SDK, so we use their some of their tools that Apple doesn't provide.

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