Snapbit is a brand new custom protocol designed to transfer files at the maximum possible speed. Because FTPs have a chance to encounter issues during its transfer process, Snapbit designed this new protocol as a solution to make file transferring complete in a matter of seconds, overcoming any network limitations that may slow down or halt its progress. They also built this tool with the purpose of "supporting the demands of industry professionals and their workflows", so this protocol contributes to professional careers by making file transfer process more accessible to utilize. It contains additional features like mass-sharing of folders/files, connection control, throttle settings,  bi-directional sharing and more.

Snapbit uses a hybrid of UDP and TCP to send bulk data without checking if any is lost. After a lot of data has been sent, it checks if any of it was dropped or lost, and re-sends it along with more data if there are any. The protocol doesn't await for responses before sending more data, and the receiver fetches it as best as it can.

OC Web Kings took part in developing Snapbit by creating C++ programs and using the framework Electron. The C++ programs manages the protocol. Electron provides cross-platform possibilities between Windows, Mac, and Linux, giving all users access to this protocol. On the back end, Node JS is used for server-side, asynchronous features, and event-driven APIs for quick response time for communication between client and server. The architectural build of Snapbit allows file transferring for uses to be of ease-of-use, flexible, and more importantly, quick.

Type : Web App

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