Proquotes provides tips and tricks in the form of educational quotes from professionals for people who are looking to get into or are already in the industry. You can even add in quotes from famous professionals or historical figures. These quotes come in either text or video format, and they share the intent in bolstering your confidence or providing you hints and deeper insight as you advance on in your professional career.

OC Web Kings created the mobile app for Proquotes where people can create their own profile, browse for quotes, and make up their own or use someone else's to share details and personal insights about their views of their respective industry.  It has a clean and sleek UI to navigate through and to make UX accessible for everyone. Searching for quotes is easy through the search filter, either through category, or through direct quotes you're looking for. When viewing a quote, it's clear to read the text or quick for the video to start. Submitting your quotes is also user friendly at the push of a button.

Proquotes' mobile app is built using the JavaScript framework Angular JS as the architecture. On the back end, NodeJS is installed for any server-side, asynchronous features, and event-driven APIs to act as the medium for communication between client and server. Quotes and user information is stored in the Neo4j database as to keep relationships between users and the quotes they create. This makes Proquotes' mobile app fast, efficient, and easy for everyone that needs some educational words in their professional career.

Type : Mobile App

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