Dinowax products are formulated with purpose for professional dealers. Formulators, the company that created this brand have sold the products to detailers for over 20 years to Orange County, CA, the county with the most competitive detailing market in the US.

Wanting to provide these same tools to customers, Formulators have decided to sell their products to everyone else to make cleaning their cars faster and more efficiently. As a result, Formulators have teamed up with OC Web Kings to create an eCommerce platform that allows customers to shop for and purchase Dinowax products online with Shopify. The website includes all the standard eCommerce functionality like product listings/options, shopping cart, checkout, payment processing, customer accounts, and shipping.

Working closely together, we uploaded their detailing products and split them into several categories: Clean, Enhance, Wax, Protect, Tools, and Gear. The products page is clean and well-organized for customers to navigate through, filter for categories, and sort by a particular order. In addition to creating an eCommerce site, we also implemented a rewards program that constantly awards you points for purchasing their products and provide you discounts as a member, as well as an Instagram carousel that shows pictures of these products in action and the results they bring.

Dinowax has been largely successful after our work on their eCommerce platform, making profits on a daily basis and gaining traction with customers.

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