Statpedia, an encyclopedia of graphs, is the most simple chart creation tool on the market. It is also the first crowd-sourced repository for the world's statistics.

You can easily create, share, embed, and modify charts in the cloud using the latest web technologies including AngularJS, NodeJS, Neo4J, and Angular Material Design. Just create an account with your email address, name, and password, and you are ready to create your first statistic and share it with to the whole world. Creating a statistic is simple; just create the title, the topic, the x-axis as the list of stats, the y-axis as the amount, and the source of your information. Source is the most important, because without it, nobody is able to verify that the statistic you create will be correct.

Statpedia was developed internally as an app for the web by OC Web Kings. In only two months, we applied all of our startup knowledge and passion to develop an encyclopedia for statistics for everyone who expressed interest and curiosity for information about how stats were within any category from all around the world. The result was that we got thousands of users and were immediately picked up on ProductHunt with both national and international press.

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