We partnered up with Christy Brock Miele, a yoga instructor, to aid in her mission of training adults to become effective yoga teachers who can then help young people achieve their inner balance and calmness. Everyone faces challenges and distractions in their lives, and yoga can help guide these young people towards becoming healthy and stable adults. The result was the creation of a website named YogaMinded, dedicated to bringing her vision to life, and spreading her message that attaining your inner calmness can yield exponentially greater rewards when this self-realization prompts us to be of service. YogaMinded was created using the PHP framework Laravel, displaying pages of her site and managing it with a backend admin panel that she can use to add and edit content, along with keeping track of users who sign up for her sessions to learn yoga.

YogaMinded provides resources and support necessary for yoga practicioners with an incredible package that includes a proprietary, custom made, online video-course system. It's full of lessons and tips that provide a wide variety of yoga practices and techniques to get people started on the basics, and then work their way up to the most advanced.

Users can use the online video-course system to earn their official teen yoga instructor certificate. The video course includes a proprietary quiz and grading system along with a custom e-commerce payment system.

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