MDK is a personal website we created for Marc D. Kirshbaum, a businessman who grows and turns around businesses with a hands-on approach.

We wanted to give Marc something unique and spectacular to show off his fantastic operation, so we created this new website for him using Laravel structured with an MVC architecture. The website greatly represents who Marc is, ranging from his background, to his skills and services that display his level of expertise in the business industry, to his goals that motivate him to work hard and turn businesses around with sustainable and measurable results for investors, employees and customers.

Marc's website doesn't just provide information on himself, but also results of businesses he helped turn around, a blog to illustrate his thoughts, books that have taught him to learn from success and failure, and quotes that inspired him. Visitors can keep up with Marc and his business ventures by contacting him or signing up for a newsletter integrated with a marketing software called Constant Contact. All of this is managed by a backend admin panel that Marc's site can use so he can continuously create and update more content for visitors to see and a MySQL database that stores the information.

It's important that a website's quality matches its owner's level of work, and we feel we've achieved that with Marc's site.

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